7 Top Competition Research Tools Of Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business

Joe B Elkind Ft Lauderdale

Digital marketing includes all marketing strategies that use the internet and electronic devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile phones, and other digital media for brand awareness. Email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social media marketing, PPC (Pay per Click), all are the subsets of digital marketing. Digital marketers can help to grow your business by generating leads and driving traffic towards your online shop or a website. Digital marketing tools allow marketers to create, test and measure the performance of their campaigns. Furthermore, these tools can hour’s long processes into something completed in minutes.  Digital marketing tools allow you to generate more money for your business.

Joe Elkind Ft Lauderdale

To take your marketing strategy to the next level, Mr Joe Elkind Ft Lauderdale recommends following must-have competition research tools for digital marketing -:
1. BuzzSumo

    2. SEMrush

    3. Visualizing

    4. SocialBlade

    5. Owletter

    6. Monitor Backlinks

    7. Keywordtool.io

Joe Elkind Fort Lauderdale

Mr Joe Elkind Fort Lauderdale is one of the leading digital marketing experts who continue to push the envelope for brands and businesses. He can give you the best advice about using digital marketing tools. He provides the best digital marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses.

4 SEO Techniques Will Never Fade With Time by Joe Elkind Fort Lauderdale

4 SEO Techniques Will Never Fade With Time by Joe Elkind Fort Lauderdale

Some say that SEO is dead and now you are not able to improve your rank via link building techniques. But no, they are wrong, SEO will never be dead but it could change its name but without proper SEO, no website going to rank higher in the search engine result page.

Search Engine Optimization techniques already changed a lot in the past. If we talk about 5-10 years back, then I know how easier to rank a webpage in the top 10 search results of Google. After using simple on-page optimization and 5-10 backlinks website get a position in the search engine ranking. But time by time Google updated its algorithms to filter the best result for the users in the search engine. These updates truly helpful for the viewers but was not good for the website owners and SEO. After every update in the algorithm, the website rank fluctuates up and down.

SEO specialist keeps its website ahead of the search engine penalty after an algorithm update. SEO has been changed completely but some techniques will remain forever as a backbone of search engine optimization and never fade with time. Here I am (Joe Elkind Fort Lauderdale) giving you 4 SEO techniques that will remain forever.

These 4 SEO Techniques will not fade UP with Time: SEO in 2019

1. On-Page SEO:

This is never going to end with time. It is the base for any website for ranking in the SERP with backlinks or off-page SEO. On-page search engine optimization is very important for ranking any website in the search engine result page. On-page SEO is required for any website. The on-page SEO term is used for the combination of a meta title, meta description, heading tags, image optimization, page load time, content, anchor text, internal linking, external links etc.

2. Content Writing and Promotion:

No website can be created without content. The most important thing for any website is its content. There are different content marketing activities are using to promote a website or its services.

Article Submission, Guest Posting, Blog Posting, Web 2.0 Blogs, Press Release etc. and other marketing activities required content. So, content marketing will be very effective all the time for search engine optimization. The content promotion for marketing website was popular in the old days, still valuable and will be valuable for the promotional activities in SEO.

3. Social Media Sharing:

Social media sharing has been a vital part to gain more traffic to your page or post. Create nice and useful content for your users. Share your content on social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter etc. Join groups and pages of your category and share your content there. A huge crowd is spent most of their free time on social media channels. So, there is a possibility of better reach to your website after posting on social media. Earlier, social media was not so much popular, but in the last 3-4 years, social media has become important medium to gain referral traffic.

4. Video Submission:

Videos are very popular in this digital era. Various short video platforms available where people post funny, entertaining, informative, tricks, tips and other technologies videos. Videos attract better than any other content. People never stop watching videos for information, entertainment and another purpose. These days social media users are sharing video content over Instagram, Facebook, linkedIn, snap chat, WhatsApp, Vine, Vimeo and other video platforms. If you are creating amazing video for the users than it will be viral in a very short time.


The search engine optimization never going to dead. The techniques will be updated with time but the above illustrated will be always in the main streamline of SEO. So, if you are looking for the secret of SEO success then don’t forget to these point in any era for the search engine optimization.

Successful Lead Generation Techniques

Successful lead generation techniques are essential to the success of your business. Some of the best techniques are tried and tested and often you will see the result you are looking for.
Some of these techniques are:

* Link exchange with entrepreneurs who own websites that match what you are offering. This means that you have links with places that are complementary to you and not in competition, creating a greater opportunity to generate leads.

* An important part of lead generation techniques is that your potential clients should be able to reach you. Include an email opt-in box on each page. This gives potential leads an opportunity to choose to partner with you and allows you to start establishing a connection.

* Offering free valuable content such as e-books, videos or newsletters is a way of sharing what your products and service have to offer.

Lead Generation Techniques – Give It Away

One of the greatest lead generation techniques is giving away something. There aren’t very many people who don’t like free gifts. This approach is proven to generate both targeted leads, as well as other possible leads.

Using auto responders as part of the set up on your site can prove very useful. These share an abundance of information based messages that can be related to a product or to a service. Each of these messages should be designed in such a way to remind your potential customers about the benefits of what you are offering.

Have a system such as Outlook installed on your system to allow you to be updated in real time about any question and also to make follow up easier.

Make it a point to personally send out a note to thank each person who has taken the trouble to find out more about you and to buy your products. Such personalized concern is what will make sure that you have repeat business. It also increases the potential of fresh leads coming to you from people who are satisfied with your service and would like more from you. Word of mouth never fails to impress and is a very effective lead generation technique.

Understanding and learning how to Lead Generation Techniques  with Joe Elkind Fort Lauderdale and income online is crucial to your online business.

5 Ways Marketers Can Build Better Brands


Needless to say, brand marketing tactics keep on evolving. It is necessary to build a brand that is relevant, interesting, and can engage customers. In the end, the success of a brand relies on the way all elements work together to drive results.

Let’s find out five best ways that marketers should use to build better brands with Joseph B Elkind Ft Lauderdale – based leader.

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